Class 5 knowledge test

ICBC Class 5 knowledge test

Are you preparing for the ICBC Class 5 knowledge test in British Columbia? If so, you might be feeling a little worried about what to expect. But don’t worry, this post will provide you some advice on how to study for the test and assist you in understanding what it comprises.

Important Points to Keep In Mind

The knowledge test consists of 50 multiple-choice questions that assess your knowledge of the material in this manual. The test can typically be completed at a computer terminal and is administered at any of our locations for driver licence. Cellphones and other electronic devices are not allowed while taking the test, which is not an open book exam. It’s only available as a written test in specific regions of the province. English, French, Arabic, Cantonese, Croatian, Farsi, Mandarin, Punjabi, Russian, Spanish, and Vietnamese are the languages in which the test is offered.
To take your knowledge test, be sure to get there at the office at least one hour before closure.

The knowledge test can be taken at any of our locations for driver licencing and is often completed on a computer terminal. You should be aware of the following additional helpful information when taking a knowledge test on a computer terminal:

  1. Start the test – Please touch the screen to turn it on if it’s black or only showing a floating number. The option to skip a question will be available to you while taking the test. Use the skip button if a question is too challenging for you.
  2. You might or might not encounter this question again, depending on how well you did. After the conclusion of the exam, the question will reappear. Up to two times, you may skip all of the questions.
  3. Status feature – To see how you are doing, constantly look at the bottom of your screen. The test will be considered finished if you have provided the minimum number of correct answers or have gone over the maximum number of erroneous responses permitted.
  4. Clarify – If you need help understanding a question during a passenger vehicle or motorbike exam, ask a staff member for assistance. We won’t provide any tips, although some.

Important Tips – How to get ready for these Road Exams?

1. Adhere to the speed limitations indicated. Avoid attempting to keep up with rushing traffic.
2. Be aware of playground and school zones. Drivers frequently fail their tests because of speeding through school and playground zones.
3.  Always come to a complete stop at stop signs, and halt in the proper location. When it is safe to do so, slowly exit the area while keeping an eye on the intersection.
4.  When making a right turn, look over your shoulder to the right to be sure there are no cyclists, pedestrians, or other drivers who are travelling straight through the junction and could potentially cross your path.

5. Every time you change lanes or directions, check your mirror, signal, and look over your shoulder.
6. Maintain a safe gap between you and other cars.
7. Even if the light is green as you approach an intersection, scan the area before driving through.
8. Use the acceleration lane to catch up to the speed of the oncoming traffic while staying inside the speed limit when merging onto a motorway. The final manoeuvre involves changing lanes.
9. Practice doing any manoeuvres that may be required of you during your road test, like as parallel parking, parking on a hill, and 2- and 3-point turns.

Sample knowledge tests

Prepare for Knowledge test with full confidence – We Prepared 5 sets comprising 30 questions each for you to prepare for test. despite these read Traffic signs questions too.

Class 5, 7 – 1

Class 5, 7 – 2

Class 5, 7 – 3

Class 5, 7 – 4

Class 5, 7 – 5